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Studio YOU Yoga is designed and created specifically to serve YOU.


Our goal is to create a destination for people of all experience levels and backgrounds to practice, grow, and heal.


Our mission is to create a community of health and wellbeing through the practice of yoga.


Studio YOU Yoga is a space that will inspire growth and self-awareness.


Our passion is to motivate one’s desire to achieve their full potential.


Studio YOU Yoga will welcome and encourage you every step of the way!



Chia’s yoga journey started when she was in her home country of Taiwan. Chia has a tremendous passion for teaching and helping people to grow through yoga. With her diligent study and practice, she earned her 200-hour RYT in August, 2014. Chia is known for her challenging, fun teaching style yet has a way of making it relaxing at the same time. She believes that yoga is not just doing postures, but also connecting one's breath and mind. Chia is the owner of Studio You Yoga and along with her business success she teaches a variety of classes each week


Her yoga journey has taught her that in everything you do, you have to believe in yourself. That is her secret to success. 

Chia Bush, Owner



Amanda started doing yoga at home in the Spring of 2013 in Cincinnati for a switch up in her work out routine, but ended up finding something more. She began feeling more at peace within her daily life and decided to find a studio to deepen her practice. Her love for yoga grew and upon moving to Indianapolis in the Fall of 2014, she discovered a 200-hour teacher training program at Cityoga School of Yoga and Health.  Amanda earned her RYT-200 HR certification in January 2016. Now yoga is not only a physical practice for Amanda, but a journey of continuing self and spiritual development.


Peg has always had an interest in physical activity, exercise, functional movements and body mechanics. After a 30+ career as a Physical Therapist it was an easy decision to be in the first teacher training class offered by Studio You Yoga and Pilates in 2017. She believes exercise should be a part of everyday life and the Pilates philosophy challenges both the physical and mental aspects of exercise. She loves how the practice of Pilates provides the physical strength which carryover to functional strength and mobility. Peg has developed a unique approach to her training.  Her  Physical Therapy knowledge and background allows her to to customize regimens and exercise plans based upon individuals physical limitations and goals.


Andrea became more mindful of her body In 2010 and found herself seeking a lifestyle change. She wanted to change the way she looked at life, the food she ate and fed her family, and become more active with exercise. While trying many different forms of exercise, she discovered yoga. Yoga helped her mind, body, and soul through breathing and connecting breath with asana. Vinyasa yoga quickly became her "go to" practicing at her home. She obtained her 200RYT in 2015. Her faith built right along with her practice, and she felt she was uncovering a calling deep from within that she could not ignore.

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