Chia’s yoga journey started when she was in her home country of Taiwan. Chia has a tremendous passion for teaching and helping people to grow through yoga. With her diligent study and practice, she earned her 200-hour RYT in August, 2014. Chia is known for her challenging, fun teaching style yet has a way of making it relaxing at the same time. She believes that yoga is not just doing postures, but also connecting one's breath and mind. Chia is the owner of Studio You Yoga and along with her business success she teaches a variety of classes each week. Her yoga journey has taught her that in everything you do, you have to believe in yourself. That is her secret to success.

Chia Bush, Owner

Amanda started doing yoga at home in the Spring of 2013 in Cincinnati for a switch up in her work out routine, but ended up finding something more. She began feeling more at peace within her daily life and decided to find a studio to deepen her practice. Her love for yoga grew and upon moving to Indianapolis in the Fall of 2014, she discovered a 200-hour teacher training program at Cityoga School of Yoga and Health.  Amanda earned her RYT-200 HR certification in January 2016. Now yoga is not only a physical practice for Amanda, but a journey of continuing self and spiritual development. Amanda loves body strengthening vinyasa flows as well as balancing that out with the stillness of meditation and breath. The intention of her teaching is to find the balance between inner and outer strength and stillness.


Andrea became more mindful of her body In 2010 and found herself seeking a lifestyle change. She wanted to change the way she looked at life, the food she ate and fed her family, and become more active with exercise. While trying many different forms of exercise, she discovered yoga. Yoga helped her mind, body, and soul through breathing and connecting breath with asana. Vinyasa yoga quickly became her "go to" practicing at her home. She obtained her 200RYT in 2015. Her faith built right along with her practice, and she felt she was uncovering a calling deep from within that she could not ignore.


Morgan began her study of yoga over twelve years ago by taking an elective course her freshman year of college. She quickly learned that yoga can be for anyone! She began to deepen her practice in 2008 by taking classes offered through work and local studios. She received her 200 hour certification from Invoke Yoga and Pilates in December 2010 under the instruction of Ahna Hoke and Eric Bryant. She has been teaching Vinyasa classes for the last three years. Her classes are inspirational and playful, with a focus on mindfulness and movement with breath. Morgan believes yoga is not only a physical and mental practice, but a spiritual one as well. She hopes to help others to find their inner beauty, strength, and peace through yoga. She is so grateful for the opportunity to share her passion for yoga with her community.


Peg has always had an interest in physical activity, exercise, functional movements and body mechanics. After a 30+ career as a Physical Therapist it was an easy decision to be in the first teacher training class offered by Studio You Yoga and Pilates in 2017. She believes exercise should be a part of everyday life and the Pilates philosophy challenges both the physical and mental aspects of exercise. She loves how the practice of Pilates provides the physical strength which carryover to functional strength and mobility. Peg has developed a unique approach to her training.  Her  Physical Therapy knowledge and background allows her to to customize regimens and exercise plans based upon individuals physical limitations and goals.


What initially began as a New Year’s “resolution” for LeAnne became a passionate life “commitment”. Quickly she realized that she had found a home, as yoga mirrored her life philosophy that one must continually strive to strike the right balance between strength and flexibility. While posing on her mat, she found that she was able to be present and appreciate the journey, not just the outcome.
With practice, LeAnne was able to bring this same approach to her life outside of yoga, finding a new level of contentment and gratitude. Off the mat, she juggles being a wife, “bonus” mom, dog mom, daughter and a full-time career as a Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. LeAnne, RYT 200, received her power yoga teacher training at Studio You Yoga & Pilates. She loves to share her passion for yoga with yoga beginners and enjoys taking time to explain individual poses. She specializes in power yoga, gentle flow and beginner’s yoga. LeAnne’s ultimate teaching goal is that each student feels welcomed, supported and gains something from each class that benefits their mind, body, and/or spirit.


After her first yoga class Diane thought maybe yoga was not for her.  A fast paced, high intensity format focusing on increased heart rate was the traditional workout she was most used to.  The idea of the focus being on breath and stillness were new to her.  She was thankful for the calmness she felt after the practice and decided to try another yoga class.  Over eight years and many yoga practices later she had learned that yoga was so much more than she originally thought.  

After an emotionally challenging year, Diane came to realize that her yoga practice helped her through the difficult times in her life.  Yoga helped her feel the emotions, breathe it out and brought calmness to her life.  It was then Diane knew she wanted to share the yoga experience with others.  She enrolled in the teacher training at Studio You Yoga and obtained a RYT-200 certificate in January 2017.  

Life can be busy and stressful; sometimes we stick to those things we know instead of searching out new ways to bring stillness and calmness to our lives.  She hopes to guide others through their own personal yoga journey to find peace and strength in their life, both mentally and physically, through yoga practice.


My yoga journey started many years ago looking for a good “work out” while trying to work on my flexibility after having 3 children. Not only did I discover an awesome work out, I reconnected to my flexibility and most of all I rediscovered MYSELF!  Yoga has given me the opportunity to experience happiness, an open heart and a healthy dose of gratitude. My mission is to provide a yoga class that challenges your stamina, but leaves you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Sweat out your worries and cares with me as you link your breath and movement while strengthening your body. I believe that through the steady practice of yoga we learn how to honor our true authentic selves, accept our limitations, and to be mindful and present in our daily tasks. I am honored to be part of this community of students and teachers.


Lara has practiced yoga on and off for several years. Recently her desire to improve her dance students’ flexibility and body awareness lead her to a 200 hour teacher training at Studio You, earning her RYT 200 in February 2020. During her journey, Lara discovered that the benefits of yoga far outweighed her original intent. Lara discovered that not only did yoga improve movement and flexibility, she also discovered that it improved her mind and soul. Yoga became so much more than just a physical practice, but a way of life. It is now Lara’s passion to share her love for yoga as a powerful tool for change. Lara is currently teaching Flow & Restore on Friday nights, giving students both a power Vinyasa flow, as well as the opportunity to slow down, focusing on breath, while quieting the mind. If you are looking for a class that is both challenging and relaxing, book a class with Lara today.


Jill began practicing yoga in 2000 to help manage the stress of being a novice middle and high school teacher. As a student, she studied Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin styles with many teachers in Indiana and London, England. After seeing the changes that becoming a mother brought to her body and practice, she decided to pursue deeper learning through yoga teacher training. Jill completed her RYT 200 with YogaFit International, and has been a yoga instructor since 2007. She appreciates that yoga can be a lifelong practice, taking us from infancy to old age, as reflected in the class formats she has taught including prenatal, Itsy Bitsy Yoga for mother and baby, yoga for children and adolescents, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and yoga for seniors.


Elizabeth was first introduced to yoga over 15 years ago in college. She quickly discovered how yoga helped deal with chronic back pain from scoliosis as well as her emotional well-being. Now, as an elementary teacher and mom of 3, yoga is a way for her to reconnect with herself and disconnect from the busy world. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with GoYoga at Studio You in 2020. She is also a certified Yoga4Classroom teacher and enjoys teaching balance and mindfulness to her young students. In her free time you can find her hiking, gardening, creating art, reading, and spending time with her family. Join her on Wednesday evenings at 6:15 for Flow and Yin.


Marie began her yoga journey in 2007 during her undergraduate years at Purdue University. She received an additional certification in PiYo during that time. She then went on for her 200 hour certification through Holy Yoga in Arizona. It was a perfect way for her to tie in the spiritual aspect of yoga.   Marie has enjoyed the physical benefits of yoga through training for the Chicago marathon as well as during pregnancy.  


Judy is a 500-RYT and has been teaching since 2000. Her passion for yoga began in 1998 when she began to look for a way to decrease the stress level in her life. Judy took her first hatha yoga class in 1998 and was hooked. She found her first body-mind connection through yoga. She has received certifications in Kripalu yoga, studied with various Yogakids teachers, and has been influenced by many different styles and teachers. In 2009 she received her 500-RYT certification from the Hard & Soft Yoga Institute under the direction of Beryle Bender Birch. She is grateful for this opportunity to share her passion and love of yoga at Studio You Yoga. She comes to class with an open heart and a dedicated practice.


Eileen completed her RYT 200 power yoga training at Studio You in January 2018. Eileen began practicing yoga in 2001 after completing her undergraduate degree and moving to Atlanta, GA. What started as an addition to an existing routine, shifted into an enriching practice that helped deepen her understanding of herself. Through the years, Eileen has explored a wide variety of yoga teacher, philosophies, and styles. Eileen's practice is both vigorous and restorative, inviting her students to integrate intention and purpose through breath and poses. She hopes that her practice will encourage all people to find the deeper purpose to movement, health, and connection to themselves and their community.


Kelley Prim, RYT 200, first received her power yoga teacher training at Studio You in January of 2018. Kelley was first drawn to yoga in 2016, in need of restoration after many years of running and dancing. Her passion grew for the practice due to her continued spiritual and self growth. Specializing in power and vinyasa style, she directs mindfulness movement while connecting breath to motion using an inspirational and supportive nature. Kelley thrives on integrating her students' mind, body and soul through yoga, helping them feel balanced, refreshed and restored. The intention of her teaching is to create harmony between effort and ease while calming the mind using moving meditation. Kelley feels honored and blessed to share the gift of yoga with others here at Studio You. 


Kelsey began her yoga journey in 2016 after being severely injured in a car accident. Yoga was offered to her as a way to heal and grow her physical strength while being conscious of her chronic injuries. Coming from a financial background, Kelsey graduated from Purdue University with majors in Accounting, Finance, and Management. After years of working in the corporate world, Kelsey decided to follow her love for yoga and completed her teacher training through Invoke Studio in Indianapolis, IN in 2020. Kelsey’s mission with teaching is to make yoga accessible for everyone and all body types. She also is a passionate advocate for mental wellness, body positivity, and inclusivity. Her classes flow to unique music styles, will make you laugh, and will help students grow in their yoga practice. 


Nancy was a dance major in college in New York City and her Ballet instructor asked if she would like away to boost her grade. Not knowing that this was going to open a new door in her life, she showed up to find out she was going to become a yoga instructor. That was over 30 years ago and her passion for Yoga has continued to grow. After many years teaching, even before the yoga alliance was created, she went off to Costa Rica to get her RYT200 in the Fall of 2018. Now a RYT200-E, she has worked on creating new and exciting yoga fusion classes that combine her dance and fitness world with yoga. She loves that yoga can mean so much more than fitness because of the wonderful connection of mind, body and soul. Her classes vary from meditation, yoga therapy, mindful flows to sculpt and cardio dance fusion with fun energetic music. She loves to connect with her students' energy and help them grow.


Jay Prouty is a E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher. His introduction to yoga was in early 2015; recovering from a sports injury, yoga was offered as a companion to physical therapy. This would prove to be a life-changing event. A year of steady practice brought a genuine need to grasp the mechanisms of yoga and its fundamental processes. Jay needed something to give explanation of the self-transformation occurring, both inside and outside the yoga studio. To deepen this understanding and grow his practice he enrolled in a 200 hour Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Training. Jay’s passion for yoga and his authenticity shine through a unique teaching style that is powerful, enthusiastic, and encouraging. A former United States Marine, he leads by example through dedication, hard work and endless self-inquiry. Focusing safety, correct posture and alignment, as well as in-depth breathing techniques.